Please Note:

  • Please give 2 days notice on all promotions.
  • If artwork needs to be created, please give 1 weeks’ notice
  • Artwork needs to be approved by Amber, Scott, Marc or the client before posting. Please schedule artwork to be finished at least 1 day before promotion begins
  • All boxes in a given section must be filled in their entirety!
  • If the promotion is going to be in the Roll-Over (see below), the link must be to either a page or a post within that Station’s website. We don’t want our primary promotional items immediately linking to a different website.
    • Our Goal is to keep people on our website!
  • If you want to have a Contest Submission Form on a new page, be sure to include which form items to include for the contest.
  • All boxes in a given section must be filled out in their entirety!
  • Please don’t use the urls that Google Image gives you. It never works right.
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