Digital Solutions

Advanced Media provides state of the art digital marketing solutions to businesses throughout Central Illinois. We have found, and national studies have concluded, that radio and digital marketing work extremely well together. Radio builds top of mind awareness that leads to more clicks and web visits on mobile devices, search, or digital display.

Some of the digital products we offer include Location-Based Targeting through Geo-Fencing, Digital Display Advertising across the most popular national websites, Key Word Search Marketing (SEO), Video Pre-Roll, and Social Media Marketing.

All of our Digital Marketing Solutions come with comprehensive reporting so our client partners can track the true effectiveness of each campaign. Details include impressions, clicks, and click-through rates. Our mobile based Geo-Fencing program also provides the ability to track conversions of consumers who actually walk through our clients door after being served their ad!


With the ability to target thousands of  locations, the most popular national websites, and all the search engines, our technology works where you do. And, with a low starting point, any local business can get in the game.


Unlike DIY digital advertising platforms, there’s no software or setup required. We set up your campaign, monitor your results, and make suggestions along the way.


Our technology’s pinpoint accuracy and the ability to target and continually optimize means you reach the people most likely to be interested in your product or service. Then we deliver unparalleled tracking and reporting of your campaign.

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